BSP Careers: We’re hiring a Sales Representative

About the role

Blue Sky Partners is a national consulting firm that helps organizations set clear goals, developing sustainable systems, and establish healthy expectations. Unlike most consulting firms, we don’t just tell our clients how to achieve their goals—we actively help achieve them. If we have a mantra, it’s do great work, experiment, mind the details, treat people well, be honest, be of service, keep learning.

After five years of consistent growth, we’re hiring our first Sales Representative to help Blue Sky Partners professionalize and scale its sales process, respond to an increasing volume of RFPs, and level up our corporate sales outreach.

We’re looking for someone with a demonstrated record of building a network that includes corporate, nonprofit, and/or governmental organizations. This job will focus on building and maintaining that network, cultivating channel partners, closing deals, and exceeding sales quotas. Having a background in consulting on sales, sales personas, pipeline construction, etc., is a value add, as this role will consult with our clients on sales-related processes periodically.

We’re looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who’s comfortable managing themselves, managing sales pipelines, communicates well and has strong analytical skills. More than anything, we’re looking for somebody who is value aligned, community-minded, and creative—somebody who can help us identify new potential clients, and think creatively about how to talk about our consulting services so we can be helpful to more organizations as they scale their impact. 75% of work done in this role will be focused on sales, and 25% will be focused on sales process and strategy-related consulting with our clients. This role will report directly to BSP’s Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Glazer.

You’re good at…

This job might be for you if you:

  • Would enjoy networking and building meaningful connections with business, organizational, and governmental leaders with the goal to help them succeed and achieve their vision
  • Would enjoy opportunities to be curious and learn about constantly evolving organizational models, and market trends
  • Would help develop and share sales-related best practices and resources with the BSP team
  • Would enjoy engaging with clients in a consultative approach
  • Like taking lots of meetings
  • Would enjoy building and maintaining sales pipelines/CRM and running engagement programs for prospective clients
  • Would enjoy writing thoughtful proposals that reflect the budget, scope, timeline and needs of potential clients while putting their interest first
  • Will work hard to put the needs of our clients first, leading with equity, inclusivity, and justice
  • Would enjoy collaborating with one of BSP’s founding partners to evaluate potential scopes of work
  • Would enjoy developing sales personas and micro-targeting campaigns for client acquisition and/or piloting new products and services
  • Would enjoy independent and flexible work environment
  • Like the idea of learning about and implementing processes, systems, tools, tactics to increase effectiveness for ourselves and clients
  • Communicate well
  • Have strong proficiency in presentation, facilitation, and leading meetings

Would be extra awesome if…

You don’t have to have this kind of experience, but it would be cool if you did…

  • Have experience handling sales for a consulting agency or services firm
  • Have experience running and evaluating direct sale-related digital ad campaigns
  • Have worked with systems like HubSpot, ClickUp, and Slack
  • Have certifications or experience related to project management or business coaching
  • Have experience working with start-ups or within the start-up community
  • Understand finance and revenue structures for start-up companies and the best practices around revenue and finance for these organizations
  • Have experience working with high-level executives
  • Have experience with program design or design thinking
  • Have a general familiarity with change management

Starting salary, perks, and benefits

This is a full-time position; Blue Sky Partners is based in Austin, Texas, but you don’t have to be.

  • $55-62,500 annual starting salary
  • Commission or bonus structure, based on metrics and performance (developed collaboratively)
  • Regular organizational bonuses, as BSP hits its corporate goals
  • Access to organizational charity and non-profit donation program
  • Healthcare coverage and other benefits through our partnership with Insperity
  • Flexible work environment and remote work allowed, including weekly optional in-person work sessions for Austin-based employees—complete with a taco budget
  • Wellness stipend
  • Unlimited time off—BSP’s unlimited time off policy is based on mutual trust between team members; it gives every team member opportunities to work or take time off as they see fit, as long as they fulfill their roles and responsibilities. We encourage active use of the policy and prioritize family, mental and physical health, and rest.
  • Work computer provided
  • Regular cost-of-living salary adjustments
  • Monthly budget for sales-related expenses

How to Apply

Email with subject line, “Blue Sky Partners Sales Representative Job”; please include your resume, a letter of interest telling us about the experience you bring to the role and why you want to work at BSP, and no more than 3 references.

About Blue Sky Partners

Founded in 2017 in Austin, Texas, Blue Sky Partners is a national consulting firm that helps organizations set clear goals, developing sustainable systems, and establish healthy expectations. We work with for-profits, nonprofits, and governments to improve operations and increase impact. In the last five years, we’ve used that experience to help more than 50 organizations launch more than 90 departments, initiatives, projects, and products.

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