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Founded in October 2017 and based in sunny Austin, Texas, Blue Sky Partners is a new kind of consultancy. We focus on outcomes, not rigid ideologies about how things “should” be done. We believe that the four most important areas of any personal productivity or business playbook are values, culture, growth, and scale. Our methodology helps clients identify, align, and systemize these areas. Then, we get out of the way. But first, we’d like to say hello.

matt glazer

Matt has spent his entire career in the organization management industry, gaining valuable experience as executive director of the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce and through the launch of his own boutique consultancy firm. His work has given him firsthand knowledge of the challenges and solutions that both nonprofits and for-profit businesses encounter on a daily basis. Matt is a passionate grassroots organizer, communicator and connector of people, both within his home state of Texas, and far beyond.

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nathan ryan

Nathan Ryan is an entrepreneur, business leader, and organizer. For more than a decade—most recently as CEO of internationally recognized digital agency, Toi—his work has been influential in the creative industry, where his experience includes the collaboration with and founding of startup organizations, to multinational enterprises. Today, Nathan’s work is all about people. He is focused on sharing information and providing support through his consultancy, Blue Sky Partners, as well as community-based efforts in his home of Austin, TX, where he lives with his wife, Amanda, as puppies, Max and Rory Gilmore.

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tim seaton

Tim has spent the better part of a decade working passionately with companies and on projects related to technology, design and online marketing. Having managed Operations at Toi, he oversaw relationships for such clients as Verizon Digital Media Services and Red Bull Records and organized a network of designers, developers and project managers over four years and for dozens of clients. Tim lives in Austin, TX, with his dog, Marla.

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