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Blue Sky Partners manages executive-level
projects for growing companies and teams.
We don’t tell you how to do the work,
we do the work with you.

"If you have a project that needs to get done, but you don't have the bandwidth, it's well worth it to work with BSP. We call them our glittery duct tape - because they hold it all together for us operationally when my team is overextended."

Meredith Monk Ford, Executive Director, Folio

about blue sky partners

Pulling from over a decade of executive experience building and scaling companies, Matt Glazer, Nathan Ryan, and Tim Seaton founded Blue Sky Partners to help provide tactile, scalable solutions in a leadership and productivity market that’s increasingly full of noise.

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FEATURED WORKSHOP: Financial Clarity

plan for the
future, today.

For many business owners, getting a grip on their finances is enough to keep them up at night. With Blue Sky Partners’ Financial Clarity workshop, you’ll have a firm grasp and control of your finances in no time.


The impact BSP has made
this year


BSP Case Study: Case Study: Federal advocacy and citizen engagement on surprise medical billing


Blue Sky Partners joins Truman National Security Project to run Impact Operations


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