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Blue Sky Partners focuses on using the sprint methodology to achieve tangible outcomes that will make a material difference for your business. We work with our clients to find out what makes them tick, then align and organize what we consider to be the four most important areas of any personal productivity or business playbook: values, culture, growth, and scale. To do this, we tackle big problems in two-week sprints, over a three-to-twelve-month engagement. These aren’t pre-packaged exercises, either. We pull from a wide array of influences to create a custom curriculum for you and your business, one that helps develop sustainable practices to fit your leadership style and company culture. Additionally, we offer workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions to accommodate specific needs

“After working with BSP, we were able to cut through the clutter and identify where we should be spending our time as individuals and as an organization.”

Zach Fraganape, Co-Founder, Servable

Sprints are single, two- to four-week long exercises geared towards testing solutions to problems your company is facing, creating Minimum Viable Products to test solutions in the market, or build upon an existing idea and expand it to something much bigger, bolder, and more successful.

Using this approach has allowed us to help clients tackle an immediate need that’s facing their business, while also thinking long-term and put systems in place so they can scale. A few examples include:

  • New Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives
  • Onboarding Structures and Hiring Strategies
  • Financial Auditing and Annual Forecasting

The Sprint Retainer is designed to allow us to become an extension of your executive and business operations team. With the sprint retainer, we’ll collaborate over a three- to twelve-month period to help build strategy, implement and iterate on that strategy.

This approach allows us to not only help solve problems, but to make sure they stay solved as we iterate on the process with you and your team. A few examples include:

  • Implementation of updated Mission, Vision and Values
  • Marketing Campaign Reporting and Iterations
  • Goal Setting and Execution

Blue Sky Partners’ Snapshots Workshop is a simplified strategic planning tool, focused on helping you connect your biggest goals to the actions you need to take to achieve them and the team and other resources you have at your fingertips to make it all happen.

Snapshots can be offered as a two-day workshop, or a two-week sprint for larger companies or enterprise departments.

  • 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and Beyond Goal Setting
  • Review of future Org Charts
  • Identification of resources needed to accomplish goals, and obstacles in your way

Coaching is a weekly one-on-one session with one of our executive leadership team members. We’ll work with you directly to improve your effectiveness as a leader, expand your influence in your community, and engage and close new business at higher rates with various training exercises and strategies.

A more hands-on approach to working with your team

  • Direct access to Blue Sky's executive team
  • Individual goal setting and leadership development
  • Accountability with an industry leader

your hours.

BSP's Comprehensive Calendar Immersion Program is an executive-grade workshop that helps leaders of all experience levels clearly define their values, goals, and official responsibilities so they can effectively reclaim their time.


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