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Blue Sky Partners focuses on using the sprint methodology to achieve tangible outcomes that will make a material difference for your business. We work with our clients to find out what makes them tick, then align and organize what we consider to be the four most important areas of any personal productivity or business playbook: values, culture, growth, and scale.

To do this, we tackle big problems in two-week sprints, over a three-to-twelve-month engagement. These aren’t pre-packaged exercises, either. We pull from a wide array of influences to create a custom curriculum for you and your business, one that helps develop sustainable practices to fit your leadership style and company culture. Additionally, we offer workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions to accommodate specific needs.

“After working with BSP, we were able to cut through the clutter and identify where we should be spending our time as individuals and as an organization.”

Zach Fraganape, Co-Founder, Servable

Your mission, vision, and values should resonate across the entire company and guide your team through the toughest of decisions. Every engagement we take on starts here, without exception, to make sure there’s a solid foundation in place for future decision-making as we continue our work together.

Through a series of exercises and immersions, we'll help you and your team answer questions like...

  • What's my company's why?
  • What are my company's core values?
  • What is my three, five, or ten-year vision?
  • What's my strategic plan?
  • How does this translate into budget?
  • Who else do I need on the team to accomplish all of this?

All too often, culture is shorthand for startup perks like free beer and ping pong tables. Fun, but not likely to have any lasting impact. Your company’s culture includes everything from how you work to which behaviors you will (and won’t!) tolerate. We focus on creating alignment across the board, so your culture feels true to the company and develops in a natural way.

Through a series of exercises and immersions, we'll help you and your team answer questions like...

  • How is our company acting on our values right now?
  • What makes people proud to work at this company?
  • What causes conflict and how is it resolved?
  • What are our communication patterns?
  • How are decisions communicated within the company?
  • How does day-to-day management line up with our values?

When we talk about growth, we’re really talking about revenue. We want to help you put repeatable processes in place so you can focus on closing deals. Companies often lose money simply because they lack processes for things like following up on previous opportunities or failing to present a cohesive on-boarding process for clients and users. We’ll help you fix that.

Through a series of exercises and immersions, we'll help you and your team answer questions like...

  • What’s working well with our sales process?
  • Why are clients signing up with us in the first place?
  • What are the most common questions we’re asked and what should our answers be?
  • Where are users dropping off in the on-boarding process?
  • How much of this process can we automate?

To us, scale is all about reach: getting your product in front of the right person at the right time in the right way. We’ll help you cut through the marketing noise by crafting a strategy that speaks directly to your target audiences, one that progresses your message and presents clear opportunities.

Through a series of exercises and immersions, we'll help you and your team answer questions like...

  • Who are our target markets?
  • How do they evaluate purchase decisions?
  • What are effective ways to explain our product or service?
  • What's the most likely channel to get their attention?
  • How does our marketing interact with our sales strategy?

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BSP's Comprehensive Calendar Immersion Program is an executive-grade workshop that helps leaders of all experience levels clearly define their values, goals, and official responsibilities so they can effectively reclaim their time.

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