Small Business

Move fast and make things

Blue Sky Partners works with small businesses doing up to $100M annual revenue to solidify their business model, design their organization, build and scale processes, and train and retain their team.

Business strategy

Our seasoned strategists will partner with your company to develop data-driven business strategies, unlocking growth potential and ensuring a competitive advantage in your industry.

Finance consulting

Our expert financial consultants offer tailored solutions to optimize your financial performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable financial success.

Change management

Navigate organizational transformations smoothly with our change management experts, who will empower your team to adapt, embrace change, and drive positive outcomes.

Operating models

Streamline your operations and boost efficiency through our specialized operating models, designed to align with your business goals and maximize productivity.

Organizational design

Rethink your organizational structure with our consultants, fostering innovation, agility, and employee engagement to stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Business process outsourcing

Offload non-core tasks and focus on your core competencies with our reliable business process outsourcing services, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency.

Our services for government and non-profits

Strategic planning

  • Design
  • Facilitation


  • Design
  • Facilitation

Economic Development

  • Assessment & Reporting
  • Ecosystem Design & Implementation


  • Marketing strategy
  • Design and management

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