Set goals and create change

Blue Sky Partners works with governments and nonprofits to create strategies, facilitate conversations, and build communities that help them accomplish their strategic priorities.

Accelerator design and facilitation

Our experienced team specializes in designing and facilitating dynamic accelerators that empower startups and entrepreneurs to fast-track their growth and success in the market.

Strategic planning

Collaborate with our strategic planning experts to chart a clear roadmap for your company’s future, identifying key objectives and actionable steps to achieve sustainable growth.

Technical assistance

Our skilled professionals provide hands-on technical assistance, offering expertise and support to address complex challenges and optimize your business processes.

Needs assessments

Gain valuable insights into your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement through our comprehensive needs assessments, enabling targeted solutions for enhanced performance.

Leadership coaching

Elevate your leadership potential with our personalized coaching programs, empowering executives and managers to lead with confidence, inspire teams, and drive impactful results.

Our services for government and non-profits

Strategic planning

  • Design
  • Facilitation


  • Design
  • Facilitation

Economic Development

  • Assessment & Reporting
  • Ecosystem Design & Implementation


  • Marketing strategy
  • Design and management

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