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BSP’s Financial Clarity Workshop

For many small business owners, getting a grip on their finances is enough to keep them up at night. Every business owner deserves the level of control that comes with understanding their financial standing. With Blue Sky Partner’s 4-hour Financial Clarity workshop, we work with business leaders to untangle their finances with an editable, all-encompassing financial overview dashboard.

program schedule

Our Financial Clarify Workshop produces results you can use immediately using an efficient four hour process.


Pre-session homework
  • BSP Priorities Briefing, focused on personal values & five year goals
  • Pre-session survey, requesting baseline financial data
  • Gather all current financial documentation


Session, First Half
  • Initial review of current financial management system
  • Review of revenue sources
  • Review of current expenses
  • Review of sales pipeline & expected new revenue


Session, Second Half
  • Review of financial goals
  • Review of company goals
  • Create Annual Budget
  • Project Future Revenue and build potential financial scenarios


15, post-session
  • 15 day check-in call
  • 30 day check-in call or meeting
  • Quarterly check-in + revisions to calendar


$4,000 $2,500


  • Pre-session survey
  • Single four-hour session with skilled BSP team member
  • Custom Budget and Scenario Spreadsheet
  • 15 day check-in session or meeting
  • 30 day check-in session or meeting
  • 60 day check-in session
  • Quarterly review and revisions to calendar based on what you’ve learned

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“After working with BSP, we were able to cut through the clutter and identify where we should be spending our time as individuals and as an organization.”

Zach Fraganape, Co-founder, Servable


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