Audrey Sherman added as first ever Director of Client Services at Blue Sky Partners

Sherman will run every aspect of Blue Sky Partners’ client portfolio as it looks to expand its services and serve even more clients

Austin, TX: Blue Sky Partners, a national consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, is excited to announce that Audrey Sherman has joined the team as Director of Client Services after 13 years in leadership roles in the social impact space.

“Blue Sky Partners has grown rapidly over the last few years, and much of our growth has been fueled by work in the social impact space facilitating strategic plans and accelerators with governments, nonprofits, and universities,” said Blue Sky Partners’ COO, Tim Seaton. “Audrey’s background means we can service those social impact clients and our small business and enterprise clients at an even higher level of quality.”

Over the past 15 years Audrey has led groups of cross-functional stakeholders by facilitating conversations and bridging large gaps in diverse nonprofits. As a project manager, consultant, and coach, Audrey works closely with team members to create change across complex systems. Through her strategic and creative thinking, structure, and organization skills, she brings programs and people together to solve some of their toughest problems. She has collaborated with an array of nonprofits and government agencies, working primarily in the child welfare environment in Texas. She has a BA in Spanish and Sociology, as well as a Master of Science in Social Work from UT Austin. 

“Over the last 13 years I’ve had a chance to help some incredible organizations as they scale up,” said Audrey. “I’m passionate about leading great teams to produce great work, and I’m excited to help Blue Sky Partners continue to build a world class experience for our clients.”

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About Blue Sky Partners: Blue Sky Partners is a national consulting firm that helps leaders and teams set clear goals, develop sustainable systems, and establish healthy expectations.

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