Blue Sky Partners joins Truman National Security Project to run Impact Operations

The Truman National Security Project is a high-trust impact community for national security leaders. Truman develops timely, innovative, and principled solutions to preserve and expand democracy, human rights, prosperity, and security around the world.

The organization draws on a nationwide membership’s intellectual firepower, national security experience, and extensive personal networks to do the work required for lasting change. Their diverse membership includes Hill staff, federal employees, non-profit leaders, academics, industry leaders, political strategists, and elected officials across federal, state, and local government. With experience in uniform, as frontline civilians, and as members of the intelligence community, Truman members also know firsthand the stakes of our foreign policy choices.

In August, Blue Sky Partners joined the team in a fractional role in the Impact Operations department with a focus on systems and process-building efforts for their staff and members. Blue Sky Partners played an important supporting role in launching the Afghan Operation Cell in August and at the annual conference, TruCon21, in coordination and program design.

Blue Sky Partners will be focused on internal operations to identify, and build, execution and project management infrastructure; make opportunities and member efforts visible and actionable; develop impact accelerator and/or other impact-focused programs and schedules; build out centralized support including curriculum, materials, and calls-for-action; put systems in place to measure success and failure; and support grant and donor fundraising efforts.

This engagement is being led by Co-Founder, and Cheif Strategy Officer, Matt Glazer. Matt has been a member of the Truman National Security Project since 2013 and is the former Texas Chapter Lead and state political director.

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