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BSP’s Comprehensive Calendar Workshop

BSP's Comprehensive Calendar Workshop is an executive-grade workshop to help leaders clearly define values, goals, and official responsibilities within an organization.

The program combines in-person development with follow-up coaching to help leaders of all experience levels eliminate clutter and create a calendar system that works for them.

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Declutter your schedule to accomplish real work. The Comprehensive Calendar Immersion produces effective results in a time-efficient manner.


Pre-session homework
  • BSP Priorities Briefing, focused on personal values & five year goals
  • Update your direct work responsibilities
  • Update your direct reports
  • Update your contacts


Session, Day 1
  • Defining your values & goals
  • Exploring your habits
  • Committement Mapping
  • Identifying opportunities


Session, Day 2
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Project(s) Brainstorm
  • Calendar Strategy and Implementation


15 and 30 days, post-session
  • 15 day check-in call
  • 30 day check-in call or meeting
  • Quarterly check-in + revisions to calendar


$4,000 $3,000


  • Pre-session work
  • Two sessions with BSP team
  • Calendar creation
  • 15 day check-in session or meeting
  • 30 day check-in session or meeting
  • 60 day check-in session
  • Quarterly review and revisions to calendar based on what you’ve learned

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“After working with BSP, we were able to cut through the clutter and identify where we should be spending our time as individuals and as an organization.”

Zach Fraganape, Co-founder, Servable


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